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3hr Skype or email Consultation with the Picture Book Whisperer (AKA Dr. Mira Reisberg)

Image of 3hr Skype or email Consultation with the Picture Book Whisperer (AKA Dr. Mira Reisberg)


Do you have a picture book idea or manuscript that needs editing for word length, delicious language, consistency, and/or depth of content? Then let The Picture Book Whisperer help you wrangle your text so that it enchants a publisher enough to say, "We love this book and want to publish it!”

If you’re an artist/illustrator who needs help making your art more lively, soulful, sweet or sassy and/or help with keeping characters consistent, or building a portfolio – then let The Picture Book Whisperer help you. Many of my students are now successfully published award-winning authors and illustrators selling hundreds of thousands of books.

During the initial 3 hr consult, we begin with you emailing me the manuscript, my close reading, editing, then re-editing, and then we “meet” via Skype and work together online.

For illustrators you’ll email jpegs or pdf’s of your work in advance (something you’ll need to do professionally anyway) and a description of what help you’d like me to provide and then we meet via Skype.

Don’t worry if you are unfamiliar with Skype – I’ll teach you. If the full 3 hours are not used during the initial consultation, then the remainder is applied to a future consult. After the first consult you get to continue with me one-on-one as needed to brilliantly realize your picture book project or utilize my art directing/coaching services.

Contact me at or 916.483.4242 to arrange a time and means of communication (email, in-person, telephone or Skype and to set up a date), then purchase. This image is from one of my multi-award winning former students.